Here we remember Telk

A pillar in our community.

A smart mind, with lots of passion for the projects he made
as well as instilling that in others also.

Someone who did their best to make people the best they could be.

Messages from Telk's friends

Telk had been one of my closest friends, and we've come a long way. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. My conversations with him had always been so friendly and lively, and he had a great sense of humor. He had always been very passionate about anything he was interested in. My condolences go to his family and his loved ones. He will forever be missed.

- Flazepe
That is so unfortunate to hear, may he rest peacefully. My sincere condolences with the family and the tough time they are dealing with at this current time.

Thanks for the API and the amazing development regarding it, I started out making discord bots and stumbled across this discord along the way, Telk helped me and many others to get up and running. Slowly but surely I made it my career, and this place and telk continued to be a place I could share whatever I was working on. Telk would always ask me interesting questions about whatever I was working on and continued to support me, while I supported his project.

Thank you for all your help, your guidance, and may you rest peacefully. Thanks for the good times.

- Swifty.eth
I had originally joined this server to seek help regarding the API, I had started learning how to code a few weeks earlier and Telk helped me a lot getting everything working

I was somewhat active in this server, helped here and there for a while, but then I lost interest in bot development, though I still kept talking to Telk through DMs every now and then about new projects, ideas and more.

It is quite devastating news to see this... Rest in peace, friend

- Clip (aka luke.js)
Telk was an absolute pillar within the Discord community. Without a single bad bone in his body, he sought to improve the ecosystem with SRA, educate with his vast knowledge of all things audio-related, and entertain with his general positive attitude to pretty much everything.

He was neither judgemental nor obsessive, but was passionate to stand by the things and people he cared about.

But above all, he was a friend to everyone. Telk and I only really knew each other for a couple years but during those years I'd learned so much and will treasure it all.

Rest easy, Telk.

- apex
I'm honestly at a loss for words too, this is very devastating.

Telk was an amazing person and friend, fun to chat with, and I really wish the next life has good plans for him. I didn't know him for long, but we shared a few interests and it was always fun to chat about those with him.

Rest in peace, Telk.

- Kodehawa
I'm surprised on how this event unfolded, as the last time I talked with Telk is also when I am sick. I was complaining about how my head hurts a lot then Telk also complained about something is hurting. That's the last we talked, and just received the news that he passed away. It was sudden that at first it didn't register on my thoughts. I consider Telk as a friend who introduced me to world of audio, and while we have our own preferences and opinions, in the end we still managed to talk it out and still have a productive conversation. Even with our differences, in the end Telk was a good friend of mine still. Condolence to his family and loved ones, and I won't forget the things you taught me.

- Sāya
I joined the Discord server for support regarding the API and ended up becoming friends with the lively community, especially Telk.

He shared so many of my hobbies and interests and we'd have so many stimulating conversations together.

He was relatable, funny and put a smile on my face quite often, whether that be when I was working on my python wrapper for SRA or just hanging out in chat. He was the kind of person whom you could talk to after months and he'd still be just as friendly as ever. He was even open to me contributing to SRA so I had a place to showcase my talent and I had an endpoint on it for a few months. I am truly grateful to him.

I wish we were in contact more often but of course, life kept going and we got busy. Let this be a reminder to anyone who sees this that all of our time on this little blue ball is limited. Say hi to that friend you lost touch with years ago, appreciate the people you love while they're still here.

Fly high friend, be sure to tell us how the cosmos looks from up there 🕊️

- Nimboss
Fellow indonesian here. Telk and i crossed paths at around August 2020 in - which made me took a keen interest on Telk's Some Random API (since i owned a multipurpose bot at the time). To me, it was one of those rare, useful, multipurpose API with barely any restrictions while also being very user-friendly to developers! I briefly joined his SRA server and used several of his API's endpoints in my bot. I tried to establish some sort of a friendship with him and wished that someday i can be a part of his friends list - but sadly, this never took place.

Despite not having talked to Telk since January 2021 (i assumed he was very busy on his API/irl life), his sudden death has become a shock for me and many of my friends. He was very influential among hundreds of bot developers. And the fact that i never successfully established a close friendship with him will be one of deepest and most painful regrets i've ever had.

Fly high, Telk!

- null
Telk was always so enthusiastic and passionate about other peoples projects as well as his own. Always wanted to help in any way he could and would never argue with anyone. He had a way with debates and differences of opinion that is rare to find in anyone. He always made people the best they could be, no matter how hard it was. He was an absolutely amazing person. It's a shame we lost him so soon. Rest in peace, good friend.

- Luke
Telk was an amazing person! iirc I started talking with him because I liked the simplicity of the API and wanted to make a python wrapper for it. It was my first time ever writing an API wrapper, and I loved doing it! Later we had more friendly conversations, he asked me how my projects were going, and I got some well appreciated feedback from him. It's been a while since I talked to him, and now I regret not staying in touch better. He's been nothing but friendly to me. His feedback was always so amazing. May he rest in peace 🙏

- Dutchy
I knew telk from way back when (a bot list) was called Discord bot list and we just mostly flexed our own bots and kinda conversed about how it is we do what we do. Of course, most things were/are trade secrets, but I look back fondly on the time we spent together. Literally a brilliant young mind and it makes me upset to hear that the world could take someone so easily and early.

- PapiOphidian
Telk was an amazing person. Was there to help me kickstart developing stuff and helped me grow. I don't know where I'd be without him. May he rest in peace.

- Katsu
I joined telk's discord because I started making discord bots. I was in the early stages and I wanted to expand my features to have like the Big bots. Thats when i joined SRA. I quickly started talking in this server including Telk. He was always patient and super helpful. I was quick to meet Steed (A SRA Moderator) who which also talked alot in the server. And we quickly became Friends.

One of the best memories I have of this server mustve been the Femboy Hooter joke, where Telk gave me and Steed a role.

And after some time Telk wanted to get some moderators, and me and steed more or less begged for it in a funny way. Thats pretty much the story.

Again im so sorry about your loss, theres alot of people that i knew that have died this year.

Thank you for making memories Telk. Rest in peace.

- jonmjauu
Telk was a good person. Always cheerful and made funny comments. I wish I could've talked with him more. But the memories I had playing games with him and another shared friend are really good ones.
I wish wherever he goes he'll have continuous good life.

- Instellate
Hey, Telk. Do you remember the moments we spent talking in voice? They were few and we didn't directly talk much because you always gave other people space to talk, even to me when many people wouldn't.

You should've taken up the space, and I'm sorry that now you can't.

- Anonymous
He left such a legacy behind. Something so significant that nobody will forget. He's helped so many people- I myself used the api for so long and planned to start using it again, and I hope Luke picks up what he left behind to continue his legacy in his honor. It is such a useful tool that helped made my programming experience so much nicer and more useful and fun; and that's just me! There's probably tens of thousands of people out there who use it (if not more!) and that is what remark this tool gave us. I hope he knew that he helped and gave smiles on so many users, with such enjoyment with sharing projects and using the api. There will never be anything like it again.

Nobody will forget, everyone will remember.

- LightslicerGP
Telk was one of a kind. The Telk I'll always remember wasn't someone who feared pouring their heart into something, but boldly pushed forward.

I remember sharing some of the most passionate, kindhearted conversations with Telk. Whenever they were around, they brought light and cheeriness with them. Calling them a good soul would not compliment them enough: they were a heavenly person who wanted the best. I knew from day one that the heart they had on their sleeve was worn proudly and joyously; and their legacy will forever be cherished by the thousands they've left a mark on. Their API will forever serve as a glorious example of what it meant to be a passionate developer who only wanted to help others and make a better world.

May Telk rest in peace and fly sky-high. I will always remember you in my heart.

- iO
I knew Telk since 2018, and at points we spoke daily sharing everything from coding bots & websites, to playing games and even just random nonsense. He was a legend of a person and as we were the same age, what a sad loss to the world. I'll miss the fun moments with ya, buddy. ❤️

- ThatTonybo

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